Trees from the North


For four years now, I have been buying my Christmas tree from the same pop-up shop on Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn.  Did you ever wonder where all these trees come from?  I did.  Turns out they are Canadian imports!  At least the ones on Bedford.  I discovered that the tree-logging-team is from Montreal. They work for a tree farm in Nova Scotia, and spend 5 weeks a year selling tress on the streets of New York City.  The most intriguing part to me is that they live in their vans.  Naturally, given this is New York, they sell trees 24 hours a day.  4AM on Bedford tends to be peak time for them, as those that imbibed too freely find themselves spending too freely.  I asked them where they freshened up.  The team on Bedford uses the facilities at the Williamsburg Metropolitan Pool, across the street from their van.  Occasionally they meet a friend or two in the city, on their time off, and get to enjoy the warmth of a real home.  There are always 2-3 people in the van.  One person always selling, the other resting, and the third on stand-by should things get busy.  Oh, the things that make this city-go-round…



One comment on “Trees from the North

  1. Liz says:

    You need to write more!!!

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