Havemeyer Heartbreak


For the past two summers we have had a special park just down the block from our apartment, overlooking one of the most breathtaking views of the Williamsburg Bridge. Havemeyer Park, a temporary haven in what remains one of the last pieces of undeveloped land along the East River Waterfront.  The park is open only on limited days, but always accessible on the weekends.

havemeyer @ night

There are free public grills, picnic tables, and plenty of space to spread a blanket out on and relax for the day.  In the evenings, you can even arrange to host small parties with live music, for a small fee.  There is a dirt bike course hosted by Ride Brooklyn.  There is a flourishing urban farm, which opens as a farmer’s market on Wednesdays and Saturdays. I’ve heard the “Havemeyer team” will even cook you a farm-to-table meal for your party, if that fits your fancy.  How special is this gem?  Oh, and did I mention the tipi/teepee?

havemeyer-tipiWhen it first opened, I was so excited that there was a yet undiscovered park right down the street from me!  Only recently did I realize its impermanence. As soon as the construction begins to tear down the Domino Sugar Factory, Havemeyer Park goes with it.  I had to put my fantasies of hosting the welcome”rehearsal dinner” event for my wedding next year at Havemeyer to rest.  I suppose the natural evolution of a city is to grow, tear down, and grow bigger.

The book I’m reading right now takes place in New York in the 70’s. There was a paragraph that really stuck with me.  The author describes how New York is a city of present moment. It is a place where the past is disregarded, constantly overwritten. I’m heartbroken that Havemeyer Park won’t be around next summer, but I’m thankful that it is part of my present.


And until then, I always make a point to stop by the park every weekend… to take in one more inspiring image of the Williamsburg Bridge and the glimmering city behind it.


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