A Spanish Love Affair on Point


For those equally intrigued by observing movement, there isn’t a better place to spend an evening in New York then at the Metropolitan Opera House watching the American Ballet Theater company perform.  I recently saw Don Quixote a playful and engaging ballet accompanied by a tremendous display of athletic talent from the dancers.


The opera house is something else.  We sat on the Dress Circle level, which had reasonably priced seats for such an event.  We were C121 and C123, and found the view to still be spectacular.  We had a great birds eye view of the Orchestra as well.


As far as dress atire at the ballet, it can really range.  We saw men in tuxes and ladies in ball gowns, but we figured they were distinguished donors or of that sort.  We also saw tourists in jeans and shirts, seemingly just off the street.  I suggest comfortable, yet business casual attire.  If you’re on the Dress Circle level, most of your fellow spectators will be in dresses and button down shirts, but nothing too fancy.


Lincoln Center has recently remodeled the entire entrance to the main opera house, and it just looks spectacular.  Get there early for photos before sunset.  It is New York’s most beautiful open plaza, by far.




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