Snow Falls in February


February. I’ve never been a fan of February. Aside from it being an odd calendar month, it is the coldest, darkest and least interesting time of the year. This year, February has already left its mark. Snow storms, thunder storms, ice storms… and the central park penis.

I usually leave the city in February, for at least a long weekend. This year I stayed put. It has been a testament to my limits.  Dark days, cold walks and treacherous commutes.  I miss sunshine, and I miss my bike.  Then again, at least I brought mine inside…


But at the end of the day, I love a challenge.  This February, my challenge has been to remain inspired by this city, amidst all of this snow.  I’ve discovered that the worst approach to this challenge is to remain inside and that the best approach often involves hours spent inside a random museum.

I’ve discovered that the city has a world of warm underground luxuries, like Sakagura, a delicious Japanese tapas restaurant in the basement of a random building in the East 40’s.


New York, I love you, but can you please warm up soon?