Baby, it’s cold outside.


I grew up in Vermont, and then I moved further north to Montreal for five years.  After dabbling in some warmer climates, I made my way to New York.  After 6 years of breezing through NYC winters, this one has frozen me in my tracks, quite literally.

photo 1 (2)

I can’t quite pinpoint it, but the city changes when winter hits hard.  Maybe it is because we walk more in New York, and every gust of icy wind feels that much more present.   Maybe it is because cities seem less inspiring when everyone in it remains hidden behind layers.  Maybe it is because the sounds become silenced from inches of insulating snow.  The sheer essence of New York – its people, its places, its sounds, its smells – is frozen in time.

fireescape window

So while this winter runs its course, I think I’ll stay inside for a while.  New York, wake me up when primavera arrives!


Winter Balls

The holidays always come quickly in New York.   The fall colors disappear, and the lights go up.   This holiday season I wasn’t in New York, but I did get to capture a couple special moments before the January freeze took over.  This year’s pointy crooked tree in Washington Square Park reminded me of a Dr. Seuss Tree.


I can’t think of a scene more romantic than Washington Square Park at night, with snow-covered grounds and a white-lit tree, and seemingly no one around.


If I ever owned a restaurant, I would make the most of the holiday season.  The décor would never be cheesy, just very pleasing and warm. I found this image above of holiday balls dangling from a high ceiling at GMT Tavern on Bleecker Street quite satisfying.


Up in Hell’s Kitchen I found a telephone pole yarn-bombed with a beautiful I Love New York montage.  It always amazes me that someone actually took the time to think, plan, crochet, and then construct the various street art I come across.  I’m glad I stopped to admire this little gem.

Winter Sundays at the Met


Find yourself feeling blue lately?  Spend Sunday at The Met!  The great thing about New York in January is that tourism dips, and the museums actually become ours!


The Metropolitan  Museum of Art feels perpetually new.  This past visit, I made sure to find the open-airy wings that simulated an “outdoors” experience, such as what you find in their American Wing.


I wasn’t expecting to find myself in the middle of Medieval Art, but I did.  And it was fantastic.   The Met has an incredible collection of  cross-generation, cross-culture armour.


So take a Sunday this winter, and spend it at the Met…