Spring out of those Winter Blues


February is the middle of Winter in New York.  It is always the toughest month to get through.  This year, after a wonderful 2012 holiday season, a lovely 3-week rendezvous in Europe, I returned to the city at the end of January 2013… sick, tired & very very cold.   After every holiday season in New York, there comes the winter blues.  The weather is cold, the city turns brown, the wind picks up, and sunshine is sparse.

This year, in effort to snap out of my winter blues, I’ve been focused on making the most of New York (and its surrounding area) in the winter.  One of the best pick-me-upper’s is a trip to the mountains just north of the City.  Take advantage of the oh-so-needed(!) winter 3-days weekends – MLK & President’s Day – and journey farther North to Vermont – Stratton, Killington, Mount Snow, etc…

And now we are nearing the last week of February – thankfully the shortest month of the year.  Even if the temperatures don’t rise with the move into March, my spirits always do.