The time between fall and winter


I love that time in New York – when the leaves have fallen and each part of the city is just another shade of brown – but it is still warm enough to meander around with your holiday-season guests.  As 2013 approaches, I’ve done a fair share of re-discovering some special spots that really come to life as the city cools down for the New Year.


I walk up fifth avenue frequently.  These shots above were taken from Madison Square Garden, on separate nights.  The first was on a rainy, humid November evening, and the second on a cold and brisk late December afternoon (yes, it gets dark at 4PM now).  

Madison Square Park is a little nook in between busy sections of fifth avenue.  There you will find Shake Shack (until the snow starts), benches, and now a larger-than-life sized BUCKYBALL structure.


The structure flows through a series of fluorescent-lit colors powered by LED’s.  There is a perimeter of zero-gravity couches for your light-as-a-feather and hyper-ergonomic viewing pleasure!


Fall is never complete without a stroll through Central Park. I made it there right as the final leaves were falling from the trees.  Wollman Rink was open, and tourists from tropical places with bags full of souvenirs were huddling to stay warm with hot-chocolate and authentic hot dogs.


It is a bit cliché, I suppose, but skating in the middle of Central Park with dozens of strangers is really something else.  The best part of New York is its people, its visitors, its activities, its skyline.  You get it all in the middle of the ice rink.  Look around you! Just don’t lose your balance…


In a season full of holiday parties and guests, sometimes you don’t get a moment alone to just take in the beauty.  Last week, instead of fighting my way through a busy subway station, I took the walk down fifth avenue to Houston street, stopping at Washington Square Park for a breath.


And at the end of a cold yet thrilling day, wind down with a delicious meal and a reminder of why you love this place.