A Halloween Hurricane

This year, Halloween was Slightly Sandy… We experienced our first hurricane in August 2011 with Hurricane Irene.  Luckily, New York fared well.   No one really thought this would be an annual outing.  Then Sandy arrived.

Halloween parties were dubbed “Frankenstorm Festivities”.  Anxious energy and uneasy banter was heard all over the city. Halloween parties rushed to get their late night masquerades in before the subways shut down on Sunday, October 28th.  The city started evacuating Zone A, once again.

Most of us were just, well, perplexed…

No one quite new just how serious Sandy could be.

Submerged construction ground – Kent Avenue.

And then the city went dark.

View from the East River.

Williamsburg was seemingly unaffected – but much of the City suffered. There was plenty of devastation, and the recovery is still in-process, two weeks later. Manhattan lost power, water, and life.

Our subway was down for an entire week.  We walked over the Williamsburg bridge more in one week than we had in one year.  Did I mention that it snowed the week after?

Life was a little crazy for a while.  We were the lucky ones. Many were not.