Greek Trilogy at the Ballet

Last Saturday night I had no plans, and only an urge to do something different – to watch something inspiring.  So I ran through my list of “what-i-really-want-to-do-in-this-city-before-its-all-over” list, and watching a ballet at Lincoln Center was at the top of my list.  I did a quick Google search to see what was playing at the moment, and turns out it was a compilation – A Greek Trilogy – Apollo, Orpheus & Agon.  There were some decently priced tickets on the fourth ring at the David Koch Theater.

I wasn’t quite sure if the fourth ring would mean terrible visibility, but we sat in the very first row, and I was pleasantly surprised by how well we could see both the dancers, and the orchestra.

The theater itself it gorgeous. Not only inside the auditorium, but the exterior areas as well. The external balconies overlooking Lincoln Center Plaza are pretty breathtaking.  It always feels so extraordinary to be inside such a grand structure in the middle of New York City.  There is just so much – space.

What is really beautiful about the David H. Koch Theater is how they designed the “rings”, or tiers of theater.  In terms of seating, they refer the rings inside the proscenium, but these rings extend outside the auditorium. They allow for a lovely rectangular stroll at whichever tier your seat is at during intermissions, and before and after the show.  What a romantic shot below, huh?

As far as the ballet itself, seeing three very distinct pieces was great.  I saw a pretty good range – from more traditional ballet in Apollo, to a modern twist in Orpheus, and a very athletic version in Agon.  I was personally most impressed by Agon – but my boyfriend preferred Apollo.  Both of us agreed that although Orpheus was colorful and lively, the costumes distracted our attentions from the music and the dancers. It felt like a bad display of modern dance.

After 7 years of training capoeira, and attempting to throw my body around while feeling light on my feet – I recognize the strength and grace required to move in the way ballerinas do.  I couldn’t stop watching their legs, and how they moved with each other, as fluid as water.

I’m pretty convinced that anyone can watch & appreciate the ballet at Lincoln Center. I would opt for a less commercial production (i.e. steer clear of the nutcracker!), because it gives you a chance to watch the real type of dance these dancers live for.  Apollo, Orpheus & Agon were three short pieces, choreographed long ago, with today’s interpretation.  It was quite lovely.

If you’re looking to spend less than $50.00/person, you probably need to sit on the 5th ring of the theater.  After being inside and seeing the seating area, the fifth ring is totally reasonable.  Your view won’t be much different than mine on the fourth ring.  Save your money – sit on the fifth ring, and use what you saved to splurge on a glass of champagne at the “champagne” bar during intermission.

Get your tickets to the New York City Ballet here!


Summer sexta-feira strolls home

Since my move to Williamsburg, I often cross the red bridge on my jogs over and back, or on my bike commute to and from work during the week.  I love this bridge, and this past summer we made it a ritual to walk home each Friday night after work.

There are always people walking, or biking, or running any point on a Friday evening.  The Williamsburg bridge is quite an urban delight. Given its connection to hipsterville, you can rest assured there is a plethora of street art to amuse you on your stroll across. And at night – the red beams are so striking against the brightly lit city.

As Fall draws upon us, one thing I will miss are the humid nights I strolled back to Brooklyn across the bridge with Zeh, liberating us from our long work weeks in Manhattan.