Midsummer Night Swing at Lincoln Center

In early July, my favorite Brazilian beat “tocou” at Lincoln Center, Forró!

I couldn’t believe it when I saw the NY Times Article on Forró, which has been one of my favorite types of music since I was 20 years old.  Forró is essentially Brazilian folkloric “country” music at its best.  Lead by the accordion, I find its rhythm infectious. Given the quantity of Brazilians in New York, there is always a place to find Forró. Some of the best are:

I’m pretty sure if you look hard enough – you’ll find Forró every night in this city.  I’ve danced Forró at the MOMA, Forró on the High Line, Forró at Lincoln Center, and soon Forró at Carnegie Hall. Not to mention all of the various bars throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn.  We follow our favorite bands.  One in particular, Forro in the Dark!


The random moments you’ll find – just walking

Washington Square Park, Friday Afternoon in June.

Since I got an iPhone, I have become a constant photographer.  I walk around the city and take shots of everything interesting that passes my way.  After 5 years of living here, I am endlessly impressed and totally mesmerized every day.  I finally took a moment to extract a few of my favorite ones to share in a post. I hope it inspires you to walk around with wide eyes – go a little slower, and take in the symbiosis of the city.

Toshi’s Living Room – Flatiron Hotel Bar.

Every Thursday I walk up Broadway from work to Capoeira.  I pass through the Flatiron and head into Koreatown.  This street has been changing rapidly.  I remember when it used to just be a strip of wholesale family-owned businesses.  Now, as you walk up Broadway between 25th and 31st you’ll find a plethora of new hip, expensive lounges & restaurants.  Toshi’s Living Room is the hotel bar of the Flatiron Hotel.  It has large windows, and delicious life-size fish aquariums inside.  Every Thursday, I walk by a small band facing an audience of corporate professional sipping their cocktails… I find this bar especially intriguing. To me, its a scene out of a movie.  So many individuals with such different stories.  And a beautiful soul singer to stare at – making the day just a little more lovely.

5th Avenue, Pride 2012.

This year I made it to the city for the Pride Parade.  This shot is a store directly across from my office on 5th Avenue.  I walk by it every day.  But this day – it caught my eye.  Above the beauty shop, “Essentials”, sat some real beauties.

Bedford Avenue – Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

I walk down Bedford Avenue at least twice a day on my commute to and from work.  On a recent Saturday in June, I found a summer festival claiming the highly-trafficked streets of Williamsburg – Williamsburg Walks.  For 3 Saturdays in June, the streets were closed down to cars and become an open park to the residents, and the tourists.  It spanned several blocks, and many of my neighbors lay on the portable green spaces, claiming their territory.

Kenmare Street, NoLita

I’ve been making it a habit to walk home on Friday evenings with my boyfriend.  We usually meet in the city after work, close to Washington Square Park.  On our walk this past Friday, we saw the new Woody Allen movie, “To Rome with Love” at the Angelika in SoHo, then walked down to eat a spontaneous meal at Balaboosta on Mulberry Street and after strolled all the way home over the Williamsburg bridge.  It was a long adventure, with several stops on the way.  Spontaneous walks in the city are my favorite.  I never get tired of it.  There is always a different route, a new restaurant – or a random person on the side of the street reading tarot cards.

Middle of the Williamsburg Bridge @ Midnight.

This night was particularly hot, that this drawing on the floor of the bridge really started to make sense.  I laughed to myself, and was tempted to strip down right there.   No pants time is a damn good time in the summertime.  Summer in New York is so special.  If you come, walk.  Walk a lot, walk everywhere, and don’t stop.  There is no where else like this!