Summer Rendezvous

My favorite time of the year in New York is has arrived. Warm weather, long days of sunshine, sundresses, barbecues, flourishing farmers markets, outdoor concerts, iced coffees & best of all warm, humid rooftop parties!  The benefit of Brooklyn is that you are more likely to find outdoor space, which in the summer time is a hot hot commodity.  Not only will your views of Manhattan be much more impressive, you will probably find enough space to throw a decent party with space for a real grill.  It’s what we call “rooftop camping”.

In New York, outdoor space is so public, it rarely feels intimate.  A rooftop, a private terrace, or a backyard give you the opportunity to step outside without really stepping in to the city.  If you live here, you know exactly what I mean.







I’m lucky to have a best friend with an amazing rooftop – large enough to hold hundreds.  We’ve planned a summer full of rendezvous on the roof: churrasco’s, dance parties, sunbathing parties, film screenings, board game nights, hammock sleep-overs, and more.

Dear summer, shall we rendezvous?