North 3rd Street

Every now and then you discover a street in New York that you never get tired of walking down.  This is exactly how I feel about North 3rd Street in Williamsburg.

I discovered North 3rd Street when I started classes at Kula Yoga.  I love Kula.   I first discovered them through a friend in their TriBeCa studio, but after moving to Brooklyn, I soon discovered (and preferred) their local studio.   As a capoeirista, I know enough to be beyond a beginners yoga student, but not enough to be advanced.  Kula’s basic classics are perfect for the occasional drop-in.  Kula Yoga is rejuvenating like no other Yoga I’ve experienced.  I always leave the studio truly feeling re-energized and healed.

And what better way to cherish your mood after a yoga class than a quick visit to Mast Brother’s Chocolate, Brooklyn’s finest.  Mast Brothers makes delicious chocolate – and they always have free samples just in case you’re doubtful.


North 3rd street is also the home of Radegast Hall & Biergarten.  I’ve been a couple times, although I’m not nearly as much of a beer drinker as I am a wine drinker.   They do have some great live jazz on Wednesday and Thursday nights.  For the non-drinkers, across the street from Radegast is a charming new/used bookstore and right next door is a great cafe with delicious coffee.

I guess my favorite part of North 3rd street is the tall red brick that hugs you as you stroll down its sidewalks.  There a few sections with edgy graffiti on the wall, but most of what you see is old school Brooklyn brick.  There is nothing overly flashy on the street, and it almost feels abandoned until you walk past each and every unique store, cafe, yoga studio….

Perhaps I’m biased because I associate North 3rd Street with pleasurable things such as yoga and chocolate.  Let me know what you think. 🙂